From the start-up days to internationality

Small and modest beginnings in the Black Forest in 1963 were the foundation for today’s internationally active group of companies. With its niche products and competent consulting, AZ has always been a partner for industry and plant engineering that meets the highest demands imposed on quality and technology.

September 2015

Obituary: Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Wisser

The founder of the AZ Group, Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Wisser, died on 27/08/2015 suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 83 years in his home town of Schonach in the Black Forest.

His passion was technology, his talent was to analyse problems and find a solution to them in the form of long-lasting products. What mattered to him was always a holistic approach. At an early stage, the valves were combined with actuators or electrical components with ingenuity, or new materials were experimented with. This customer-oriented implementation of engineering work in extensive modular systems is still the leitmotif of the AZ Group today.

Gerhard Wisser sought the challenge of starting his own company at the age of 31. With modest means he laid […]

January 2014


Expansion of production

The second expansion of the production areas in the Mönchweiler plant

January 2013


Construction of the Polish subsidiary with service workshop

Construction of office facilities and service workshop for AZ Armaturen Polska Sp. z o.o. in Opoczno, Poland.

January 2012


New production halls for the Taicang/China plant

AZ Armaturen Trading Co., Ltd. moves into new production halls in Taicang/China.

Founding of AZ Armaturen Thailand Co. Ltd. in Nonthaburi (Bangkok).
The world’s largest plug valve with 24” full bore design created for a project in India.

January 2010


Development of valves for nuclear power plants

Development and supply of high-pressure plug valves from forged material with electric servo drive for nuclear power plants in Hungary; size DN 80 Extra, PN 100.
A “grey room” is set up at the Mönchweiler plant for the oil- and grease-free assembly of valves, which, for example, is required for clean-room silicon production or for the pharmaceutical and food industries.
Expansion of the company’s photovoltaic plant to a total of 295 kW. In summer, up to 70% of the company’s energy needs are supplied by solar power.
The production company AZ Armaturen Trading Co., Ltd. relocates its operations from Shanghai to Taicang/China.

January 2009


The company’s own stainless steel foundry in Brazil

Expansion of the factory in Brazil with establishment of the company’s own stainless steel foundry for precision casting.
Patent is issued for the double cardan joint for drive mountings.
Expansion of the incoming goods inspection with x-ray gun for faultless metal analysis.

January 2008


Introduction of CFD flow simulation

Introduction of the CFD flow simulation analysis for the optimisation of control valves.
Founding of AZ Armaturen Trading Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China in July.
16” and 20” plug valves with full bore design are supplied for a project in Poland.

January 2007


Utility model protection for equipment valve

Utility model protection for equipment valve for safe flushing of pipe systems.

AZ continues on its expansion course: The subsidiary AZ Armaturen Asia (Pte) Ltd. is formed in Singapore in February.

This is followed in December by AZ Armaturen Italia Ltd. Caltignaga/Italy.

January 1995


Foundation of AZ Brazil

Founding of AZ Armaturen do Brasil Ltda. in September in São Paulo. Initial production is done in rented buildings in Itatiba.

January 1992


Relocation to Mönchweiler

The relocation from Schonach to Mönchweiler to the new production and administration buildings is completed in March 1992.

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Wisser, the son of the company’s founder, joins the company in April.

AZ is granted utility model protection for the sampling system SAMPLING.

AZ Valves (U.K.) Ltd. established in October 92 in Gravenhurst, Great Britain.

January 1988


Introduction of the dye penetration procedure

The dye penetration procedure, in accordance with DIN EN 571, becomes an integral component in the quality management.

January 1972


Sleeved valves

Valves are sleeved with FEP to prevent aggressive media impacting on the high-quality material. AZ is a pioneer with this process and initiates FEP sleeving in the transfer moulding process. At the same time, the high-voltage porosity test is introduced for this new generation of valves.

January 1968


Ex-protected pneumatic drives

The first ex-protected pneumatic drive is developed. The use of electrical servo drives is in decline in the chemical industry.

January 1965


The first premises are rented in Triberg.

In an area of 65 m2, Gerhard Wisser starts to produce with three employees.

One of their first big customers is the Nuclear Research Centre in Karlsruhe, which orders hundreds of sleeve valves.

January 1963


Established 1963

Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Wisser founded the AZ Armaturen GmbH Company on 18.th October 1963 together with his former fellow student Dipl.-Ing. Gernold Buck.
First Products are designed by AZ and build by outside companies.